7 things for 7 days: February 2013 week 06

7 things for 7 days: activities list February 2013 week 06

  1. If you are not already watching the 47th Superbowl go and crash your neighbors’ party NOW ;)
  2. February is love month and it’s such a cute twist to a meal to serve something heart shaped. You can use cookie cutters for rather soft vegetables and fruits and there are many more tricks how to get your food into heart shape on my Valentine’s Day pinterest board.
  3. I had to include this point after I had stumbled upon this wonderful blog post by simple as that. It includes a recipe for homemade playdough and adorable pictures.
  4. On February 9th the Chinese New Year comes to an end and the year of the snake starts. Time for some fortune cookies?
  5. And another love month activity: you could prepare a “heart attack” for someone. Cut out paper hearts and write down reasons why you love that person. Cute examples can be seen here and here.
  6. I told you about the January fitness calender by shrinking jeans, right? They’ve got a new one for February. And believe me, if I can do it, you can, too!
  7. Haha, this might sound funny, but my socks tend to vanish. At least one of the pair. And what to do with the other one? If you’re a bunny owner add one or two wholes and fill it with hay. If you’Re a crafter there’s an endless number of tutorials for sock monsters or plushies on pinterest ;)


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  1. Socken…oh man, ein Thema für sich, oder? Ich habe eine ganze Kiste voller Strumpfhosen, die will ich schon seit Anfang des Jahres angehen….*hmpf*…

    • Strumpfhosen kann man auch super als Füllmaterial für Gehäkeltes verwenden. Vielleicht ist das ja Motivation? :)
      Sag mal, hast du schon mal Knete selbst gemacht? Weißt du, wie lange man die aufheben und wiederbenützen kann?