7 things for 7 days: January 2013 week 03

7 things for 7 days: activities list for January 2013 week 03

  1. The 52-Week Money Challenge is all over the net. It’s a clever and fun way to save $1,378 dollars in one year. Because the budget is usually thight towards the end of the year you could do the challenge in reverse order or use the alternative system described in this BlogHer article.
  2. Board games are one of my many passions. Together with my friends I meet on a regular basis to simply play. Get that old boards games down from the attic and have a game night with your friends and/or family.
  3. It’s carneval season in Germany, and for Germans that’s serious business…or rather not ;) It’s a time to go out, have fun and dress up. I loved to dress up as a child and I’m pretty sure your kids will love it, too.
  4. I know, I know. Just yesterday I wrote a post about how to store the christmas ornaments and fairy lights, but I think one string of lights should stay. Not as Christmas decoration but to keep that same magic the holidays usually hold for us. I plan to make my bedroom more cozy with mine.
  5. Today one of my best friends joind Mr. Perfect and me for dinner. We prepared vegetarian sushi together and it was so much fun. Are evenings like this a normal part of your social life or have you never tried it?
  6. You might think: what is she talking about…”the little helpers”. Well, I talk about the order of search engines in your internet browser. Or do all pens you’ve got on the desk actually write? Are the scissors in the kitchen still sharp and do you exactly know where to find rubber bands or band-aids? You get the idea.
  7. Last but not least: it’s time for the Golden Globes. If I want to watch them live I need to stay up all night *sigh* But even that can’t keep me from watching ;) If you live in the US grab your girl friends and make a Golden Globe party. Here’s inspiration for drinks and snacks.