How to: Make Happy New Year surprise bags

How to: Make Happy New Year surprise bags

In Germany we don’t have a tradition for Christmas or New year’s crackers. But the moment you sign up for an pinterest account the whole wide world of international customs and creativity opens up to you. I love all the pictures of colorful bonbon-style crackers. Because I came up with the idea to make some for my friends too late I had not enough paper rolls at home. I decided to make tiny suprise bags instead.

What you’ll need:

  • paper
  • confetti
  • candy
  • small notes for quotes or tiny messages
  • you could add a lucky penny to one of the bags
  • decoration: stickers, masking tape
  • scissors, pen, needle, thread (if you are lazy like me: a sewing machine)

  1. First of all you need to cut out twice as many paper circles as the number of bags you plan to make. Mine have a diameter of 4,5 inch or approximately 10,5 cm.
  2. Sew two circles together, leaving a gap.
  3. Fill the bag with the candy, confetti and if you want to tiny notes or quotes.
  4. Close the gap.
  5. Decorate the bags with stickers and masking tape.
  6. Done!

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    • Chloe, a happy New Year to you, too. And a lot of wonderful Midnight Kisses to come ;)

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