How to: Store Christmas decorations

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I don’t like the day I have to pack away all the Christmas decorations. Desperately I cling to the holidays as long as possible, but this blog is all about living with the seasons, right? So the Advent stuff has to go and make room for new decorations and craft ideas.

Because Christmas and everything connected to it takes such a special place in my heart it is important to store Christmas decorations in a safe and functional way.

How to store Christmas ornaments

For all the Christmas ornaments I bought special boxes, which are available each year at the supermarket. They are made from cardboard and designed to hold two tiers with compartments. I own two of those boxes and they contain almost all Christmas decorations I’ve got.

If you can’t find an ornament storage box at your local supermarket take a look at Martha Stewart’s brilliant idea: she uses cardboard and paper cups to turn a normal storage box into a Christmas storage. For smaller ornamnets you can also use egg cartons (see example here).

How to store fairy lights

One of the biggest problems for me had always been fairy lights. They misteriously used to tangle and turn out as one big Gordian knot next December. The solution is so easy I wonder why I never came up with the idea myself. A piece of old cardboard or a paper roll do the trick. Wind the fairy lights around and there you go. Nothing to unknot 11 months later.

Do you have any tipps you’d like to add? Please leave a comment :)

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