I feel at a loss

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At the moment I feel at a loss. I am at a point in my life where everything feels insecure. My time as an university student is about to end. I realized that I don’t love my job, nor have I loved the ones I had before. A feeling in my heart tells me it is time to start a life with Mr. Perfect as couple and eventually as family, but there are issues which hinder us from living together. Above all I’m going to turn 30 this July. Isn’t this a date when I should have both feet planted firmly on the ground?

The first thoughts about my future profession came up last year and culminated in this blog: 7 things for 7 days. I so much wanted to start a blog that offers value for its readers, for you out there, that I forgot to think about myself. My voice and real interests got lost on the way, and so finally I stopped writing.

The truth is: I still love this blog and the idea behind it. But I also know that my approach so far does not work for me, and eventually for you. A blogger that feels under pressure isn’t a good blogger. Writing needs to come from the heart.

My heart might be filled with unease, but I do burn for  a healthy, happy life in harmony with our planet. Every day I try to shape my life a bit more in a direction that will make me and future generations proud. Sustainability is the keyword. And above all: happiness.

I’ve got several ideas where the 7 things could come in, but I’ll see to that later. Until then I’ll start with small steps and make myself really at home here. Only if I feel at home, this can be a place where I can invite you to feel cozy and inspired as well. Let’s take this journey together, ‘kay?

Have you ever been in a situation when your future felt like a big black hole? What did you do not to fall into despair? I really could need some advice ♥

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  1. Dear Elisa,
    You are finding your voice and making decisions, that is what this wonderous journey that we all call living is all about. Oh gosh only 30! I didn’t have my first baby until I was 36. Don’t put pressure on yourself, be kind to yourself, speak your truth (it certainly isn’t easy) and above all you are here and doing it. I find myself stumbling often in this medium (blogging) as well as life in general at times, we all do, and your honesty is so very refreshing. Well done, keep going and above all be kind to yourself. There are many others here to wander your journey with you x
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  2. Write about what you love and the readers will follow. It’s ok to branch out and try new things on your blog :) I know it is so hard to figure out what to post when you feel stuck and unsure of what next step to take. If you have to take a break from blogging – that is ok too. Finding what inspires you and then sharing it with your readers will be amazing. hugs!! i recently graduated from uni too and it is scary when life as a student comes to an end. i totally relate to how you are feeling.
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  3. Hi Elisa,

    I do. Often these days. I didn’t finish Uni until I was 28 and then I started a traineeship only to find out that I don’t really want to do what I studied for so long. I felt really stuck – and decided to move to England to live with my boyfriend. I basically forced myself to start all over, but that is easier said than done. Just because I know what I don’t want, doesn’t mean I know what I want. So I am still a bit stuck, but actually I am ok with that. There are certainly easier routes to live a life, but acknowledging that I was lost, gave me the chance to change my direction. Yes I haven’t chosen yet where to go next, but it will definitely bebetter than where I was before.
    The only advice I can give you: Don’t worry and embrace mistakes. Your next step might not lead you to the answers you are seeking straight away, but it keeps you moving and that is the only way forward. Listen to your heart and it will all work out.
    xo, Nadine

    PS: Yes, let’s take this yourney together!

  4. For me a blog doesn’t need a special theme. It’s ok if it’s something from everything, the writer / blogger loves! So don’t think what your readers could be interested in, but think what do you like, what maybe do you want to remember or try or promise to yourself… and maybe with time there is something completly new, but something you love and that is part of your life, whithout beeing a second, separated life. cause in my eyes this is the most important aspect.