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amanda catherine designs - valentine's prints

Hi everyone, it’s Valentine’s Day. And I’m pretty sure you noticed I’m not able to post regular at the moment (and this makes me cry). But I had to drop by today…well, because it’s love day. And I’m in love with Amanda Heller’s etsy shop amanda catherine designs.

I’m a big fan of prints like hers. Typography is the real secret of good design. It’s the key to good webdesign and it can change the atmosphere of a room.

My favorite is the “She dreams in perfect French”. I’d love to see a “She dreams in color” especially for me :)

And guess what. There’s even a shop category for the Pantone color of the year: emerald green ♥

All pictures used upon approval by Amanda Helmer. Thank you ♥

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  1. Ich liiiiebe solche Prints…inzwischen nun auch mit Farbdrucker…jeay, nun kann ich mich aber austoben :)

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