7 things for 7 days: January/February 2013 week 05

7 things for 7 days: activities list January/February 2013 week 05

  1. Last week I made an insurance check and realized I can save some money. When did you check yours for the last time? Do you really need all of them? Or do you have the most important insurances?
  2. Hot chocolate is so much more for me than a beverage: it reminds me of being a child, it soothes me and gives me a feeling of comfort. When I deicded to do without dairy products I was worried about my favorite treat, until I tried this recipe from The Gracious Pantry. If you substitute the honey for maple or agave syrup the recipe is vegan. And it tastes so good.
  3. January 29th is Puzzle Day. Any more words needed? ;)
  4. Winter is the hardest time of the year for the skin. It gets all dry and itchy. Let’s take good care of it, especially now.
  5. Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice turns 200 years this month. To be precise it was published for the first time on January 28th 1813. And it’s perfect entertainment for a cozy evening on the couch, either the book or a good screen adaptation.
  6. To take care of my skin I like to use bath oils. But you can tell if you take a look at my bathtub. My plan is to give it a good eco-friendly scrub this week with a recipe I found on Rebecca likes….
  7. Well, January is coming to an end. February is the month for lovers. It’s finally time to collect ideas for Valentine’s Day. As inspiration you could take a look at my pinterest board.


7 things for 7 days: January 2013 week 04

7 things for 7 days: activities list for January 2013 week 04

  1. January 21st is National Hug Day in the United States, but this holiday has spread to other countries, too. Not sure what a hug could change? Let the Free Hug Campaign inspire you (I love this video, it always makes me cry)
  2. I declutter my magazines on a regular basis. That means I check if there are old issues I can sell, give away to family or friends or even throw away. Sometimes I even take the time to browse through them again and only keep the pages and articles that will be important or useful in the fututre.
  3. There won’t be a snowball fight in July if you don’t prepare and freeze those snowballs now.
  4. 21 days are the first step to make new habits stick. At the beginning of the year I started a new fitness routine and tomorrow it’ll be 3 weeks *high five* Now my Mr. Perfect rewarded me with new shirts and 1kg toning balls. Have you made it so far? Reward yourself!
  5. Did you know January is the most depressing time of the year? Get a flower fix. Floral design on a shirt, a new plant for the window or a pretty bouquet…as long as it makes you happy, everything is fine.
  6. If you check websites like Martha Stewart or Real Simple at this time of the year, you get the feeling that kale is the vegetable. Confession: I’ve never ever tried it in my whole live. Time to change this, I guess :)
  7. Over the last week the world looked to Cologne and the imm design fair for the newest trends concerning interior design and living. I went there for an international Blogger Meet Up and for example met Igor of the lovely Happy Interior Blog who did a nice wrap up of five trends you should know about. Of course nobody of us lives entirely like that, but my plan is to bring more flair into my home by integrating these trends. It’s the small details that make a change.

Have a great week!

In love with: Forestblue Factory

forestblue factory - mouse with antlers

Forestblue factory is the name behind some of the loveliest homemade dolls I’ve ever seen. What caught my eye was this little mouse with antlers ♥

We are talking about a Dutch woman here who has loved to make her own dolls since she was a little girl. Once she rediscovered her passion for being creative she started to make all those heartwarming forest animals like foxes, deer or bears.

Oh, how I love the jumping bunny and the look on the wolf’s face. It’s like each and every one of them has its own character. Forestblue Factory uses only organic wool or recycles knitted sweaters for her creations.

Honestly, I’d love to buy all of her dolls. If you want to do so you can find her on etsy with the Forestblue Factory Shop. More pictures and insight into the life of the woman behind the felted animals offers her tumblr.

All pictures used upon approval by Forestblue Factory. Thank you ♥