The journey begins

thankful tree by Emily Rose of Simply Vintagegirl

Over the last years I’ve felt drawn more and more towards a life in rhythm with the seasons, the flow of nature and the different holidays throughout the year.

What sounds natural isn’t that easy anymore. We are overwhelmed by information and advertisements day by day…book your summer holidays for next year now; it’s July, the fall and winter collections have arrived…sometimes I feel breathless. What about you?

This blog is part of a journey. And I’d love to take you along, inspire you, give you the opportunity to slow down and get a feeling for what is important now.

Today is Thanksgiving, as the name says a day to say thank you to those we love, those who are there for us whenever we need them. Mr. Perfect and I started the day saying thank you to each other.

Have you said that little word “thanks” today yet? Is there a special way or tradition in your family to teach your children that being thankful is so important?

thankful tree by Emily Rose of Simply Vintagegirl

via Simply Vintagegirl #1, #2

An idea which caught my eye on pinterest is the thankful tree by Emily Rose of Simply Vintagegirl. Emily and her family decorate some twigs with tags that tell what the family is thankful for. It looks adorable, if you ask me. I love twigs for indoor decoration anyway, but…all that said…a warm welcome to 7 things for 7 days.

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  1. Go on Baby, that’s the right thing to do!
    All the best for your new project, I’ll be with you!

  2. Ohweh, zwingst du mich jetzt wirklich regelmäßig Englisch zu lesen?? *lach* Nun ja, ok!
    Erstmal auch von mir die besten Wünsche für Dein neues Projekt :)

    Wir wollen dieses Jahr auch Thanksgiving feiern. Leider findet es ja mitten in der Woche statt bzw. fand, so dass wir es jetzt quasi morgen nachholen wollen. Man sagt viel zu selten danke, oder?
    Die Ideen mit den Zweigen sind echt schön und so wunderbar einfach und schnell nachgemacht!