I feel at a loss

My new workspace - a place where I love to write

At the moment I feel at a loss. I am at a point in my life where everything feels insecure. My time as an university student is about to end. I realized that I don’t love my job, nor have I loved the ones I had before. A feeling in my heart tells me it is time to start a life with Mr. Perfect as couple and eventually as family, but there are issues which hinder us from living together. Above all I’m going to turn 30 this July. Isn’t this a date when I should have both feet planted firmly on the ground?

The first thoughts about my future profession came up last year and culminated in this blog: 7 things for 7 days. I so much wanted to start a blog that offers value for its readers, for you out there, that I forgot to think about myself. My voice and real interests got lost on the way, and so finally I stopped writing.

The truth is: I still love this blog and the idea behind it. But I also know that my approach so far does not work for me, and eventually for you. A blogger that feels under pressure isn’t a good blogger. Writing needs to come from the heart.

My heart might be filled with unease, but I do burn for  a healthy, happy life in harmony with our planet. Every day I try to shape my life a bit more in a direction that will make me and future generations proud. Sustainability is the keyword. And above all: happiness.

I’ve got several ideas where the 7 things could come in, but I’ll see to that later. Until then I’ll start with small steps and make myself really at home here. Only if I feel at home, this can be a place where I can invite you to feel cozy and inspired as well. Let’s take this journey together, ‘kay?

Have you ever been in a situation when your future felt like a big black hole? What did you do not to fall into despair? I really could need some advice ♥

In love with: amanda catherine designs

amanda catherine designs - valentine's prints

Hi everyone, it’s Valentine’s Day. And I’m pretty sure you noticed I’m not able to post regular at the moment (and this makes me cry). But I had to drop by today…well, because it’s love day. And I’m in love with Amanda Heller’s etsy shop amanda catherine designs.

I’m a big fan of prints like hers. Typography is the real secret of good design. It’s the key to good webdesign and it can change the atmosphere of a room.

My favorite is the “She dreams in perfect French”. I’d love to see a “She dreams in color” especially for me :)

And guess what. There’s even a shop category for the Pantone color of the year: emerald green ♥

All pictures used upon approval by Amanda Helmer. Thank you ♥

7 things for 7 days: February 2013 week 06

7 things for 7 days: activities list February 2013 week 06

  1. If you are not already watching the 47th Superbowl go and crash your neighbors’ party NOW ;)
  2. February is love month and it’s such a cute twist to a meal to serve something heart shaped. You can use cookie cutters for rather soft vegetables and fruits and there are many more tricks how to get your food into heart shape on my Valentine’s Day pinterest board.
  3. I had to include this point after I had stumbled upon this wonderful blog post by simple as that. It includes a recipe for homemade playdough and adorable pictures.
  4. On February 9th the Chinese New Year comes to an end and the year of the snake starts. Time for some fortune cookies?
  5. And another love month activity: you could prepare a “heart attack” for someone. Cut out paper hearts and write down reasons why you love that person. Cute examples can be seen here and here.
  6. I told you about the January fitness calender by shrinking jeans, right? They’ve got a new one for February. And believe me, if I can do it, you can, too!
  7. Haha, this might sound funny, but my socks tend to vanish. At least one of the pair. And what to do with the other one? If you’re a bunny owner add one or two wholes and fill it with hay. If you’Re a crafter there’s an endless number of tutorials for sock monsters or plushies on pinterest ;)