7 things for 7 days: January/February 2013 week 05

7 things for 7 days: activities list January/February 2013 week 05

  1. Last week I made an insurance check and realized I can save some money. When did you check yours for the last time? Do you really need all of them? Or do you have the most important insurances?
  2. Hot chocolate is so much more for me than a beverage: it reminds me of being a child, it soothes me and gives me a feeling of comfort. When I deicded to do without dairy products I was worried about my favorite treat, until I tried this recipe from The Gracious Pantry. If you substitute the honey for maple or agave syrup the recipe is vegan. And it tastes so good.
  3. January 29th is Puzzle Day. Any more words needed? ;)
  4. Winter is the hardest time of the year for the skin. It gets all dry and itchy. Let’s take good care of it, especially now.
  5. Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice turns 200 years this month. To be precise it was published for the first time on January 28th 1813. And it’s perfect entertainment for a cozy evening on the couch, either the book or a good screen adaptation.
  6. To take care of my skin I like to use bath oils. But you can tell if you take a look at my bathtub. My plan is to give it a good eco-friendly scrub this week with a recipe I found on Rebecca likes….
  7. Well, January is coming to an end. February is the month for lovers. It’s finally time to collect ideas for Valentine’s Day. As inspiration you could take a look at my pinterest board.


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